“All in all, this is an important and timely piece…  I would recommend this film for any academic library or any class exploring the complexities of sex and gender.”

We Exist: Beyond the Binary – Recommended

Educational Media Reviews Online


“Lubin, who uses they/them pronouns, became the first openly nonbinary athlete to run the NYC Marathon, in 2016”

The Philadelphia Distance Run Is Establishing a Nonbinary Division. Here’s Why That Matters

Runner’s World

“So what’s the first step in spreading nonbinary awareness? Get this film and other pertinent educational resources in front of as many people as possible.”

‘We Exist: Beyond The Binary’ Proves Nonbinary Visibility Is Paramount


“You know when you’ve heard your best friend tell a story, even though you’ve only heard it once, you’re buzzing with energy to share it with others? Lubin’s documentary feels like that.”

“We Exist: Beyond the Binary” Is a Sincere, Open Documentary About Gender


“We Exist will not only invite and fuel meaningful dialogue, but will also serve as an up-close learning experience—an intimate journey with an honest and crucial message.”

“We Exist” Documentary Shows Life Beyond Gender Binary

After Ellen 

“The hope is that by the time we get to the things that are different for the viewer, they’ve already connected to the ways in which we are all similar.

Good Docs 

“…the next challenge is to start implementing and including us within the fabric of society so we can occupy space within society.”

Good Docs 

“As the narrator and someone recreating pivotal events from their life, Lubin is very frank and at times, vulnerable.”

We Exist: Beyond the Binary Is a Powerful Reclamation of Existence


“Nonbinary identities are rarely made available to people growing up, and are only discovered after adolescence. WeExist is a documentary that fights to change this lack of awareness by elevating nonbinary voices.”

Not a Man, Not a Woman, But Still Human


“The trailer looks amazing, both sentimentally and aesthetically, and gives us glimpses of Lauren’s childhood, athletic dedication and transition, promising us a multi-dimensional depiction that can raise awareness about people whose gender doesn’t fall within the binary.”

Lauren Lubin and ‘We Exist’: A Documentary on the Life of Non-Binary People



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How do sex, gender and sexual orientation intersect?

What’s the difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation?

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