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A movement for gender identity awareness and equality.

The We Exist platform extends to over 67 different countries around the globe and is continually growing at exponential rates. From England, to Australia, The Netherlands, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Nepal, Tibet, China, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, and beyond… The conversation around this project has started an international “WE EXIST” movement, allowing those who exist outside the gender binary to stand-up for their recognition and say “I Exist.”

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After hearing this “truth,” you will never look at gender the same way.


What if the world told you that you do not exist? For many gender non-confirming individuals this is the current reality. The impact of this reality is both personal and global: a blatant denial of human existence, invisibility, silencing, systemic discrimination and exclusion, and the denial of the most fundamental human right–the legal right to exist. Remarkably, despite these extraordinarily rigid conditions personal determination and social agency prevail.

‘We Exist: Beyond the Binary’ is one of the first films to fully illuminate and exclusively document this ever-growing community living life “beyond the binary” construct of gender. ‘We Exist’ offers a first-hand account of what it is like to exist other than male or female while living within the confines of a dichotomous world that is slow to catch up.

The narrative intimately follows the life of Lauren: a person in their mid-twenties who identifies as gender neutral. Lauren’s story chronicles their entire life and across multiple continents capturing the emotional, physical, and mental changes and obstacles Lauren must face just to be. From a near-death experience to traveling to the depths of the rainforest, Lauren’s journey is transformative and unique yet parallels the tale of so many around the world.

‘We Exist: Beyond the Binary’ is not a film about oppression and obscurity but rather a film of progress and truth. Lauren’s story (along with others like Lauren) is not simply a story of finding and defining one’s gender identity; it is an assertion of being. ‘We Exist’ chronicles the tale of so many around the world forced to overcome nearly impossible and often life-threatening odds just to get to say, “I exist.”

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