Enlist: Be a Part of the We Exist Movement!

Be a part of the We Exist Movement!


We are relaunching a final “I Exist” video submission call to give nonbinary folks from all over the world an opportunity to tell the world that they exist!

Make your voice be the change! Help grow our global voice and message louder than before.

What is a “I Exist” video submission?

Using your phone or computer, record a simple 5-8 second video of yourself stating the following:  “[NAME]. [HOMETOWN]. I exist.”

For example: “Taylor. Chicago. I exist.”

How do you submit a video? It’s super easy!

First, you must download and sign a Release Form. Once you have done that, then send it along with your “I Exist” video submission to: pr@weexist.co. You can send a PDF or a picture of your signed Release Form. If you do not send in a signed Release Form with your video, or if you do not send in time, then you will not be featured.