Enlist: Be a Part of the We Exist Movement!

Be FEATURED in the upcoming documentary and help show the world that “We Exist!” We are relaunching a final “I Exist” video submission call to give nonbinary folks from all over the world an opportunity to tell the world that they exist AND be featured in our one-of-a-kind film!  Make your voice be the change! Help grow our global voice and message louder than before.

What is a “I Exist” video submission? Using your phone or computer, record a simple 5-8 second video of yourself stating the following:  “[NAME]. [HOMETOWN]. I exist.”

For example: “Taylor. Chicago. I exist.”

How do you submit a video? It’s super easy!

First, you must download and sign a Release Form. Once you have done that, then send it along with your “I Exist” video submission to: weexistmovement@gmail.com. You can send a PDF or a picture of your signed Release Form. If you do not send in a signed Release Form with your video, or if you do not send in time, then you will not be featured in the film.