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What is an educational dvd? 
An Educational DVD, also known as an Institutional DVD, comes with Public Performance Rights, which allow an organization to screen the film for an audience, as long as no admission is charged, for the life of the media.

What are Public Performance Rights?
Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow screenings of DVDs for educational purposes. PPR permit screenings in a classroom or library, or for a group outside the home when no admission is charged. PPR are included with DVDs purchased from GOOD DOCS ( DVDs purchased from home video retailers or through anyone other than GOOD DOCS do NOT carry Public Performance Rights, and screening those DVDs for an audience is illegal. DVDs from those locations may be screened for private home-only use, unless Public Performance Rights are purchased separately or an open showing is arranged.

Do I need an Institutional copy?
If you are inquiring on behalf of a school, university, library, gallery, non profit or community center and are not charging admission, you must purchase an Educational/ Institutional copy of We Exist. If you plan to charge admission to the screening, you do not qualify for an Educational/Institutional copy. If you are not charging admission, but you plan to use the screening as a fundraiser, you also do not qualify. In these cases, please contact GOOD DOCS at to book a non-theatrical screening of the film.

How much does an Educational / Institutional copy cost?
Visit GOOD DOCS for pricing.

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)?
Yes. Please contact us at for more information.

Does the DVD have captions?
Yes! You can turn on english captions on your DVD or streaming video.

I’d like to invite Andrew Seger (director) or Lauren Lubin (producer) of We Exist to speak at my screening. 
Great! Please contact us at for more information.

I live outside the United States. Can I still order an Institutional DVD?
Please contact us at for more information.

I still have questions, how do I contact you?
Send an email to

Personal / Home use

We Exist: Beyond the Binary is available to download from amazon (U.S. only) here:

and from Vimeo on demand (Worldwide) here:

DVD copies available through GOOD DOCS.