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Kristen Russo, Billie Jean King, Lauren Lubin at Alamo Drafthouse Screening.
Dr. Bennyce Hamilton, Lauren Lubin, and Dr. J.A. Carter at Miami Hamilton Pride.
Lauren Lubin and Andrew Seger at Alamo Drafthouse Screening.


Already in 50+ schools and universities, We Exist: Beyond the Binary is a documentary that looks at the construct of gender binary. We Exist offers a first-hand account of what it is like to exist other than male or female,  primarily through the eyes of Lauren Lubin, a nonbinary athlete and activist. Follow Lauren’s life from childhood to the present, from a promising Division I sports career, to living in the rainforest, to top surgery, to now.  In addition, We Exist includes interviews with nonbinary activists Tyler Ford, Kristen Russo, and Lauren Lubin, as well as Dr. Athony Vivasis (Clinical Director of Medical Services at Callen Lorde Community Health Center) and Dr. Charles Garramone, Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at The Garramone Center.

We Exist is a compelling, informative documentary addressing one of the foremost issues of the day.  Designed with education in mind, We Exist interviews nonbinary individuals, activists and doctors to weigh in on subjects ranging from the gender binary, social constructs, pronouns, access, and safety, while telling the riveting story of Lauren Lubin.  At 55 minutes, including educational animations within the film as well as a free study guideWe Exist is an excellent option to explore the gender binary in the classroom or a larger venue.


“All in all, this is an important and timely piece…  I would recommend this film for any academic library or any class exploring the complexities of sex and gender.”
Recommended – Educational Media Reviews Online

“So what’s the first step in spreading nonbinary awareness? Get this film and other pertinent educational resources in front of as many people as possible.”
‘We Exist: Beyond The Binary’ Proves Nonbinary Visibility Is Paramount – NYLON

“We Exist will not only invite and fuel meaningful dialogue, but will also serve as an up-close learning experience: an intimate journey with an honest and crucial message.”
‘We Exist’ Documentary Shows Life Beyond Gender Binary – After Ellen

“You know when you’ve heard your best friend tell a story, even though you’ve only heard it once, you’re buzzing with energy to share it with others? Lubin’s documentary feels like that.”
We Exist: Beyond the Binary Is a Sincere, Open Documentary About Gender – Autostraddle

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